We are always learning to ensure our platform evolves to solve existing and new problems Don’t lose your identity!

  • There are many ways to share credentials and documents making it harder to track who has access to your information and how much access!

  • When you give your information away you are increasing the risk of tampering and having your information stolen and used by someone else.

  • Institutions need to protect their reputation

  • Most common lies candidates told during the hiring process

  • Earning a degree from a prestigious university when they were actually a few credits short: 40%

  • Earning a degree from a prestigious university instead of where they actually went: 39%

  • Earning a degree from a prestigious university when they’d only taken one class online: 39%

ValidCert Platform: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Built to prevent fraud and protect what is important

  • Hybrid Cloud and Private/Permission Blockchain Hyperledger

  • Know where your data is at all times!
  • Mobile Access
  • Invite only platform that is branded and unique

  • Verifiable/Tamper Proof Digital Certificate

  • Invite 3rd Parties to view Profiles, Certificates & Documents

  • Built in Document Management capabilities

  • E-Signature Module with automated workflows

  • Run Reports to view platform usage

  • Currently Underway!
  • Digital Wallet to verify yoour identity & certificate

Digital Certifications/Micro Credentials

Companies want to hire people with specialized skills and with the latest training

  • A competency-based recognition in the form of a digital and signed certificate

  • Issued by a recognized and/or government approved institution

  • Allows an individual to showcase completion of a training and/or educational program in a particular expertise

Education Sector – Benefits

Educational Institutions/Schools

  • Help students obtain jobs and post secondary acceptance
  • Faster access to international markets
  • Avoid potential fraud and misuse of documents and certificates/diplomas
  • Protection of brand and reputation
  • Save time and resources on tracking information and reports
  • Ensure 3rd parties have a trusted and validated source of information.
  • Continue to build and protect their brand.
  • Students have completed programs/training/mentorship.
  • Reports to demonstrate usage and needs of 3rd parties
  • E-Signature ability for forms and contracts


  • Fast access and remain competitive in the market
  • Save time in contacting 3rd parties and sharing certificates and information
  • Centralized information for easy sharing to 3rd parties
  • Reduced risk of fraud or digital identity theft
  • Ensure 3rd parties have a trusted and validated source of information of their accomplishments
  • Continue to build and protect their own brand.
  • Confidence that information is protected
  • Reports to demonstrate usage and who has viewed their documents

Invitees (Recruiters/Hiring Managers)

  • Reduced risk of hiring an unqualified resource
  • Savings of Time, Resources and Costs - Trusted Due Diligence
  • Immediate confidence and Trust
  • Certificates are accredited and meet the requirements of the schools
  • Ability to view information they need to make decisions
  • Direct communication with institution and with the students